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Surprise Proposal: Derek & Kristen

It’s obvious, some people are in BIG TIME LOVE, and Derek & Kristen make that clear! It was an absolute honor to be there for this special moment! Get ready to swoon, because this couple have the most heart-melting story to share! Their surprise proposal was straight out of a rom-com, followed by the most epic afterparty. They are a dynamic duo we can’t help but adore.

How They Met? Oh, It’s a Groovy Story!

Okay, so technically they met on Hinge (modern love, right?), but let’s just say they love to tell this epic tale of an epic “meet cute” in a grocery store!

What Makes Them So Drawn to Each other?

Where do we even begin? Kristen adores Derek’s kindness and his super tight bond with his loved ones. Meanwhile, Derek can’t get enough of Kristen’s sweetness, loyalty, and all-around beautiful soul. They’re like a giggling match made in heaven!

 True Adventurers

These two are wanderlust warriors! From Toronto to Hawaii, and everywhere in between. Derek and Kristen are always up for an adventure. Skiing, snowboarding, hiking—name a thrill, and they’ve probably conquered it together.

The Proposal: Surprise of a Lifetime

Okay, brace yourselves for the cuteness overload! Derek totally caught Kristen off guard with a surprise proposal. And get this — I was on stealth mode, hiding in the bushes (of course!) to capture every gasp, tear, and squeal of joy. Oh, and their adorable dogs, Beau and Butters, were there too! Could it get any more perfect?

Engagement Bliss

Now that they’re rocking those “just engaged” vibes, Derek and Kristen are floating on cloud nine. They can’t stop gushing about spending forever together and building their dream wedding that’s set to dazzle in 2025. Classy, elegant, timeless—get ready Pinterest, Kristen’s boards are locked and loaded!

Family and Friends’ Reactions

When news broke that Derek popped the question, their families collectively shouted “finally!!” These two are clearly the heartbeats of their crew, and everyone’s ready to celebrate!

The Sweetest Part

Ask Derek and Kristen what makes their relationship tick, and they’ll tell you: “We’re each other’s ride-or-die. From the big stuff to the little giggles, we’ve got each other’s backs. Making each other laugh, feel loved, and just knowing we’re in this together—that’s what it’s all about.”

So, here’s to Derek and Kristen—may your days be filled with endless laughter, epic adventures, and all the love in the world. Thank you for allowing Lomonico Photography to freeze this fairy tale moment in time. I’m still kicking my feet just thinking about it! 📸💍💕


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