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BRIDES! Communication is a big one for me. SO, Before we decide to work together it will start with a phone call or email. If we can't meet up in person that's okay! Connecting on the phone is always awesome. If we start with emailing I will send you a fun wedding questionnaire. I want to get to know you and see if we are a good fit for each other. I strive to be as helpful as I can be so we can get every detail planned out which sets us up for success and we are then good to go! I can't wait to hear about your love story and help you create some beautiful, fun, & sexayyy photos that will be talked about for years to come!

If you are a portrait client, I always start out with sending you a free style guide so you are filled with information and even more excited and feel prepared for your session with me! I'll help you plan a perfect location for your session so you and I can create those memories you are wanting to remember forever. I love to have fun and go on adventures with my clients so if you are the type that needs to feel comfortable with your photographer right away, I'm your gal! ;) Let's have some fun!

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MEMORIES... my friend... Memories to last a lifetime. True Story, I still look at photos of my great great grandparents and can't believe the way everything used to be. Photographs are life frozen forever and that to me is just so FRIGGIN cool.
SO my love... With me, I will capture the brightest smiles, the fullest hearts, and the most memorable tears. I myself am sure I will have to dry my lens a few times because when I'm there I invest in you. I am touched by a vow that is sincere and by the support of loved ones. I will be the one to sing with you, dance with you, cry with you, be that extra friend who will grab you some water when we all get too caught up, or even high five a cool uncle. I do not want to miss a single shot for you to cherish on your wedding day. I got Choo OKAY!

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— 10 Things I hate About You (movie)

"Am I that transparent? I want you I need you. Oh, baby. Oh, Baby."