Hi, I'm Christine Marie!

HI! I’m Christine Marie. You can call me by my nickname, Steen. I’m the earthy, edgy, colorful photographer that wears black all the time. Hehe! I admire those that have a colorful vibrant soul. Those who appreciate art and people just as much as I do! My childlike spirit tends to rub off on people. I bring positive, energetic passion to every shoot, capturing everything from your most significant moments to your smallest, most special memories. I strive to capture every feeling and every piece of magic. I will laugh with you, cry with you, hold your hand, high five a crazy uncle, two-step on the dance floor while snapping away, and run around making sure all is well! I got Choo. Let’s make some awesome memories together that we will never forget. OHKAY.


My family and friends mean the world to me. I’m married to a wonderful hard-working man who I am completely in love with. We are PAWrents to our trusty little pooch, Boots. I’m obsessed with Mac and Cheese. I’m a red wine lover ( I get that from my Italian side). The ocean is where my soul truly is. I was born and raised in Southern California; my business started in this beautiful golden state. I now work as a full-time photographer in beautiful New Braunfels Texas, and I TRAVEL for work as well! I’ve followed clients to Hawaii, Colorado, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, Montana, Texas, California, Chicago, Wisconsin, and Michigan. I continue to plan fun adventures all around the U.S. & out of the country. I love new experiences while still staying connected with my roots!

What is Lomonico?

(Pronounced:  Low-maan-ih-ko )

Lomonico is Christine Marie’s Italian family name. It’s the perfect representation of Christine Marie’s Photography. 

Lomonico is Strength. Lomonico is Creative. Lomonico never gives up. That is what Christine Marie is and what she will provide for you. 

What means the world to me… 😉

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