I LOVE TO TRAVEL and to help create life long memories for my clients all around the world. 

Many of my clients have provided me the opportunity to travel to their new home or to a location outside of California for photo sessions & weddings. I am SO excited to have the opportunity to become your friend, travel buddy, and personal photographer. PLEASE don’t hesitate to ask about my travel photography services! 

Together we can become a dream team when we add travel to the mix! Please review my list of places I’m scheduled to shoot for this year to see if I’m in your area and if a time or place fits in your schedule!

Check out my list of dream locations and see if we have a match! Maybe there is an engagement about to happen, a vow renewal, birthday surprise, a dream location we share, or family reunion, possible wedding. Together we can connect the dots to make a dream come true!

2019 Travel

Travel dates may vary as I work my photo magic! =]

-Las Vegas Nevada March 9-10th

-Las Lunas New Mexico March 11th-12th

-Las Crusas New Mexico March 12th-13th

-Dallas Texas March 14-18th

-Austin Texas March 19-22nd

-Texas Life until May 19th

-U.P. Michigan May 20-28

-Chicago May 28-June 4th

-California June 5th-30th

-San Antonio Texas June 30th-August TBA

-Kauai Hawaii August TBA

***Travel dates may vary as I work my photo magic! =]

Bucket List:

-Nashville Tennessee













-The Himalayas in Nepal

-Bora Bora